OPTIMIZATION PSYCHO NEURO PHYSICAL with CRM Therapy ® ( conveyor Modulating Radiance )

Technology used to highlight the dysfunctional situations in the adaptive central nervous system  that have developed in the whole organism with time.

In other words, the CRM therapy Nervous System ® returns the body to its the overall condition from an abnormal state, in order to prompt self-correction and recovery of neurological control, both mental and physical, in the body.

So that the body is kept healthy, every organ and system is finely regulated by sophisticated neurological mechanisms of homeostasis.

Without realizing it, the control mechanisms of the nervous system regulates our breathing, digestion, blood pressure, temperature, and many other vital functions. The central nervous system through the autonomic and peripheral nervous system, checks every organic function precisely. When the stimulus of daily life (i.e. drugs, pollution, animals, weather, humidity, magnetic fields, viruses, bacteria, bereavement, relationship breakdown, demanding jobs, study) are too intense, prolonged over time, or accumulate the body exceeds its ability to adapt. The body reacts negatively to the environment, no longer able to regulate itself, which can lead to disease. Almost all therapies (such as physical therapy, medication, surgery) operate with the intent to suppress the symptoms of the disease, working on the final effects of the adaptive process. Although the results are beneficial, they are disappointing over time because the causes of the disease remain prevalent. In addition, the body must adapt to the harmful effects of chemical drugs and the further impairment of health and quality of life. The self-healing ability of homeostasis is blocked as a result.

CRM therapy ® stimulates the nervous system to self-correct which helps the body to "reorganize" and regain its natural ability to self-correct. This recovery may lead to healing, or, in cases where this is not possible, to better control the disease and its manifestations.

The Conveyor Modulating Radiance (CRM) optimizes neuro psychophysical by a sophisticated device.

It works in this way; the device enters the environment and emits a very weak radio signal for a short moment. The signal has an intensity thousands of times lower than, for example, a mobile phone. The signal expands into the environment and disperses. The patient's body is crossed from the dispersion and crossing it, it generates a reflection ( radiance effect ), which constitutes a " representation " of the organism.  This is conveyed to the central nervous system through the electrode contact and there is a probe with points on the ear, or the rest of the body.

Although not widely known, CRM ® therapy, established the Master’s program in academic teaching at the School of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Florence.

The master’s program is organized by the Rinaldi Fountains Institute of Florence ( The Neuro Psycho Physical Optimization (ONPF ®) is a medical procedure only workable by surgeons that has been classified by the National Federation of the Medical Association as auricular therapy medical service.

It is suitable for following: psycho-emotional stress, postural disorders, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, stress related diseases, chronic fatigue, autoimmune disorders, asthma, functional sterility, amenorrhea, menstrual disorders, skin diseases (psoriasis, eczema, herpes, dermatitis), hormonal imbalances.

Suitable for psycho-emotional stress , postural disorders , anxiety , depression , panic attacks , stress related diseases : chronic fatigue, autoimmune disorders , asthma, functional sterility , amenorrhea , menstrual disorders , skin diseases (psoriasis , eczema , herpes , dermatitis ) , hormonal imbalances.




  • Although therapeutic results are often immediate, in some cases they may be delayed from a few days to weeks depending on a case-by-case basis.

  • There is a possibility that during the course of therapy, there may be a temporary worsening of condition (sometimes on the same day of treatment) or the emergence of other disorders, that were previously unknown due to the main problem—this worsening is not to be viewed negatively as it is an index of the efficacy of the treatment!

  • Please take note that a poorer response to treatment can occur for those who continue to engage in stressful behavior during treatment.

  • Arrive a few minutes before the sessions well rested and refrain from prolonged fasting or eating directly before an appointment.
  • After each session to stand for about 2 hours, it is recommended to reduce the next meal.

  • The disposable needles used help guarantee maximum safety for the patient.