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An in-person medical examination is the only diagnostic tool used for an effective therapeutic treatment.
Any advice given through e-mail is to be understood as mere suggestions.

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I consent to the processing of my personal data according to DL n. 196 of 30 June 2003 aimed at the protection of the latter. The data received will be used only for activities within the project and will not be disclosed to third parties.


  • Although therapeutic results are often immediate, in some cases they may be delayed from a few days to weeks depending on a case-by-case basis.

  • There is a possibility that during the course of therapy, there may be a temporary worsening of condition (sometimes on the same day of treatment) or the emergence of other disorders, that were previously unknown due to the main problem—this worsening is not to be viewed negatively as it is an index of the efficacy of the treatment!

  • Please take note that a poorer response to treatment can occur for those who continue to engage in stressful behavior during treatment.

  • Arrive a few minutes before the sessions well rested and refrain from prolonged fasting or eating directly before an appointment.
  • After each session to stand for about 2 hours, it is recommended to reduce the next meal.

  • The disposable needles used help guarantee maximum safety for the patient.